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IWG September Post and New Flash Fiction – “Check”

Well, it’s that time of the month again.  No, not THAT time, time for my post for the Insecure Writer’s Group which is due the first Wednesday of every month.  Okay, so I’m a day early.  Sue me.  :-) 

I’m supposed to tell you about something that makes me feel insecure as a writer.  Well, as this post goes live, I am ordering proofs for A Mother’s Love as I have finally decided to approach Create Space (a POD – or print on demand press) to have my first two books printed .  The insecure part being that once they are in print, they can’t really be changed and my stupidity may be forever immortalized.  I’m waiting for the changes on my first novel to be approved so that I can order a couple of proofs.  Once they are approved, print copies will be available.  I haven’t received the first proofs for the erotic anthology yet but I already know that I will be making changes there as well.  I hope the end products are worth keeping in somebody’s library. 

As a bonus (well, if you like it, it’s a bonus…if not, then you will suffer twice as much) I have enclosed another Flash Fiction to be added to Red’s  Flash in the Pan series.The word is CHECK and I have 125 words to tell a story and make an impression on you.


He sits in a corner of the library away from the rest of the readers. His ghost-white hair and pink eyes make him stand out no matter how hard he tries to blend in. Bent over a list on a single white sheet of paper containing ’10 things to do before I die’, the bloodstained page receives a final check. A shrill scream cuts through the silent room making all of its occupants stop what they are doing and pay attention. The last thing on Norman’s list was “view the world differently.” There were two black holes where his eyes used to be as fresh blood dripped down his cheeks like Gothic tears. His eyes would later be found inside his clenched right fist.

125 Words

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Just Before Dark

 Photo Credit:  Wendy Reid

Just Before Dark

Just before dark, when the sun touches the horizon and the heat and humidity of the day begin to dissipate, the world becomes so quiet that it is easy to imagine that I am the sole inhabitant of the planet.  But I am not.  The crackling of dry leaves on the forest floor give warning of someone or something approaching.  I turn in circles, trying to get my bearings although the orange light is almost gone and I can’t see a thing through the thick trees.  The footsteps grow closer and closer and my heartbeat grows quicker and stronger, promising to break through my chest.  It’s hard to breathe because my internal organs are working too quickly and I can’t get enough oxygen.  

Fight or flight.  I have no weapons or even vision on my side, so I begin to run away from the noise, in hopes that I will lose my pursuer.  I am running, but my pace is deeply affected by the fact that I can’t see more than a few feet in front of me.  My arms reach out into the black of night to try to feel any obstacles before I slam into them.  I touch a tree and thankfully move to the side at the last minute, avoiding a face first collision.  A loud noise to my right startles me and I cry out in fear.  Turning to my left I run as fast as my legs can carry me but the footsteps grow louder.  Hot breath caresses the back of my neck and I go down, hard, onto the damp forest floor.  Strong hands dig into my shoulders and I kick and scream while my assailant turns me over to face him.

“What did I tell you about coming into the fucking woods at night?”   As my husband stands up and walks away, I wonder if I would be safer following him home, or taking my chances in the dark of the forest.  


*This post will serve as my Insecure Writer’s Support Group post due for the first Wednesday of the month.  I hesitate to write dark stories for the general public (insecurity) but then again, if you are following my blog then you should be familiar with my writing by now.

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IWSG July Post

It’s time again, being the first Wednesday of the month,  to admit my insecurities to the few people bored enough to follow my blog world.  Since I’ve made very little progress on my current WIPs (works in progress) due to my usual mindless distractions matters of global security, I’ve had to delve a little deeper down my list of stupid mistakes I make on a regular basis things I need to improve on and have come up with three things that I can’t seem to get into my thick skull have a really hard time with when I write.  These are things that I must find a way to avoid WHILE I am writing so that I don’t end up burning the mistake laden rough draft while dancing around it chanting songs from my childhood shows between sips from my whiskey hat bong in an editing nightmare.

Photo credit: csulb.edu

1.  Tense Switch:  It seems as though I can’t seem to make up my mind if my story is taking place in the past or in the present.  I continuously switch back and fourth.  I am totally unaware that I am even doing it and oftentimes, even when it’s pointed out to me, I have trouble spotting it.  Is there a button on my computer that will make this easier?

Photo credit: polcp.com

2.  Using “Tell” instead of “Show”:  For those of you who are not familiar with the terms (as they apply to writing), it’s when the author tells you things he could have shown you instead.  A good example is as follows:

Tell:  It was raining outside and I ran to the house so as not to get wet.

Show:  The minute I stepped out from the under the shelter of my car, the summer downpour pelted my hair and clothes with such force that by the time I had reached the porch steps, I was soaked to the skin.

I tend to narrate a story, rather than show the reader what’s going on in my world…in my imagination (as creepy and horrific as it gets at times).

Photo credit: adpu.wordpress.com

3.  Using the same word to start sentences (he, she, the).  It’s much harder to come up with other ways to start the sentences, but I guess I am lazy.    I’ll give you an example so you know exactly what I mean.

Lazy way:  “He woke up with a really bad headache.  He reached over and turned off the alarm clock and got out of bed.  He went into the kitchen and took 2 pain killers in hopes of relieving his headache.”  In this example, I used “he” to start all 3 sentences as well as using the word “headache” twice.  When a writer is too repetitive, it interrupts the natural flow of the story.  You want the reader to be lost in your story, not focusing on grammar issues that shouldn’t be there to begin with.

Better way:  “The alarm clock rang out and Daniel (or whatever his name is) quickly reached over and turned it off, squinting as the noise and sunlight peeking through his bedroom drapes made the pain in his head even more apparent.  Dragging his legs to the edge of the bed, he slowly stood up and made his way to the kitchen to take something for his headache.”

See the difference?

What mistakes do YOU make over and over again?

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Insecure Writer’s Support Group – June Post

Well, it’s that time of the month again.  No…not THAT time jackass silly, but the first Wednesday of the month, where I’m supposed to post about my wake up in the middle of the night screaming nightmares insecurities so that other clueless dipshits writers don’t feel alone.

So…what have I done since my last post, that would feed the insecurity monster that resides in most of us? 

Photo credit: anarkismo.net

Well….let’s see.

-/ With my new full time job, I don’t have a whole hell of a lot of free time anymore so I only get between 1-3 hours a day to use my laptop.

-/ I spend most of that time checking in on my 3 biggest time-wasters priorities.

Photo credit: bizjournals.com

Photo credit: sgkwave.com

Photo credit: pinteresttips.blogspot.com

I just can’t seem to type in my Microsoft Word program without having these 3 open and distracting me every 5 minutes.

-/ I bought a writing desk and moved the furniture around in my room so that I have to tightrope walk be careful getting into bed, but I continue to sit in my Mom’s lazyboy chair, in front of distraction number four the television.

What I really need, is a good dose of discipline.  Anyone know where I can get me some of that?  Cheap?

Photo credit: littlethingsmatter.com

(You’re disappointed that I didn’t post a picture of a whip wielding dominatrix, aren’t you?)

What keeps YOU from moving forward on the WIP?

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Structure? What Structure?

I have very little free time since I started working full time again.  Ick.  The last several times that I’ve sat down to work on my WIP, I’ve been editing my first chapter while inserting the different scenes into a program I downloaded called “YWriter5″ which promises to help keep me organized.  It’s a fairly lengthy process but I took a negative review on my first book to heart and am determined to stay focused make sure that my reader does not get confused while I take them on a face-paced journey.

Photo credit: unknownrahul.blogspot.com

I have also realized that whatever changes I make in this program, I will also need to make to my microsoft word copy as well.  With such little time to write to begin with, is all of this extra work really necessary?  I am now questioning whether or not I am wasting my time with this program or it is just my lack of patience swallowing me alive…again.

How important is structure to you and how to you manage to obtain it without taking too much valuable “writing time” to do it?  It’s time to give up some of your tips and tricks, my fellow writers.

Over the next few days, I will be working on the pages (contact info, welcome post, my books, etc) which did not transfer when I switched themes.  I have no idea why or worse yet, why I never checked them before now.  Thanks Jennifer for bringing that to my attention.

Ok…secrets, secrets, secrets….let’s hear them! 

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IWG 2nd Post – Calling All Writers

Well, it’s the first Wednesday of the month, making it IWG’s day, where all members are to post about their insecurities, doubts, trials and triumphs. Click on the button found on the right hand side of this page to find out more.  I thought I would do something different today (you’re not surprised, are you?) and get some help from some of you seasoned writers.  I mean, what else conveys insecurity better than asking for help?

Photo credit: dreamitthenliveit.ca

As you may or may not know, I am working on my second thriller, which is moving painstakingly slow due to the fact that I needed to get a full time job to pay for food and other frivolities and hardly have any time to myself anymore.  I don’t start work until 10:00 am but I get up at 6:00 in order to get some writing in, while it’s quiet.  I often don’t get home until after 8:00 pm and by the time I eat, I am too tired and there are too many distractions to focus on my story.  I am in the process of looking for a small writing table and trying to find a little spot in my bedroom to write.  I think that will help.

Photo credit: jewelsbyjulia-lauren.blogspot.com

Ok.  On to the meat of this post.  My current WIP (work in progress) contains the usual;  one sick, twisted villain and one emotionally damaged hero.  But, in my continuous efforts to be different, I have several potential victims that I focus on in the first several chapters.

Now I am bringing them all into situations where they might be at risk, but how do I do that and keep the timeline believable?  I mean, the killer is psychotic but he isn’t cloned and he hasn’t figured out time travel.  Should I just go back and bring them into peril one at a time?  Then I would have to focus on just one at a time and I don’t want my readers to forget the other characters.  I have spent enough time now with character development and introduction and I need to get into some serious action or I will lose my readers.

I really need a solution to this because I plan on continuing to write serial killer fiction but this part stumps me.  In my first book, my sexual sadist Colin goes after them one by one but all of the characters were either connected to his life in one way or another, or strangers that he took his frustrations out on.  In this book, there IS a connection but their lives are not really intertwined.

Any suggestions?

Photo credit: mdaadistrict42.org

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Insecure Writers Support Group – First Post

Photo credit: kakisky from morguefile.com

I chose this photo because for me, natural light signifies hope.

 Today, the first Wednesday of the month (and my birthday) is I.W.S.G.’s Post day.  Once a month, we (those who are members – click on the logo on the right to find out more) post about our trials and triumphs of writing and aim to visit about a dozen or so other members and encourage them.  This is my first.

This, writing, may not have been the best choice for me.  The problem is, I didn’t choose it.  It chose me. 

I hate rejection.  I hate conflict.  I shy away from any situation that might become unpleasant.  Being told that I’m not good enough certainly falls under that category.

When I finished my first novel last November, I decided to try to find myself an agent so that I wouldn’t have to face the scary world of publishing and marketing alone.  I found 50 well known agents and spent days working on different query letters and synopsis.  Then, I bravely sent them out.

A few days later, they started to come back.  Although they had several ways of saying it, and they were all painfully polite and formal, the end result was “We aren’t interested.”

So then, I began to ask myself.  “Am I any good?  Was I just dreaming when I thought I could do this?  Were my friends just stringing me along when they told me that I should write a book?  When they told me it was really good?”

Rejection.  Lots of it.  Self doubt.  Self pity.  Determination.

Then…I discovered Amazon and their KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)  Program.  It took awhile to get the hang of file conversions and all the technical bullshit associated with uploading a manuscript, but I eventually figured it out.  I even figured out how to create my own book covers.  Did I mention that I have a $0 budget for my writing?

Since then, I have also published my first collection of erotic short stories.  I am working on a second novel and second short story collection right now. 


Sales are slow, but each month is a little better than the last.  It doesn’t matter if I ever become rich and famous (although I admit the thought of that makes me smile from ear to ear), but just to know that there are people out there reading the words that I put together and enjoying them, makes me feel indescribably giddy.

Don’t give up.  Where there’s a will…

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