30-Day Challenge: Day 7

First of all, let me apologize for my tardiness.  Spank me. :-P  I was awarded the Supervisor position at work and started last Saturday.  It’s been a long week with a couple of 12 hour days so I really haven’t had a lot of time to spend online.

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Day 7: 5 Pet Peeves

Free Dictionary defines ” Pet Peeve”  as ” A continual source of personal annoyance”.   Although I probably have closer to 100 pet peeves, I’m only supposed to talk about 5 of them.

Where shall I begin?

1.  Bad drivers.  Slow drivers.  Rude drivers.  I suffer from a slight touch of road rage and Quebec drivers test my limits every day.  I wrote a post about my driving pet peeves and you can read it here if you’d like.

2.  Laziness.

3.  All flying insects.  Ever try to take a walk during the summer when it’s really hot and not matter where you go, you are followed by a small cloud of gnats?  These winged parasites have caused much face fanning and swearing over the years and make me want to hibernate even more than I do now.   Houseflies, mosquitos, bees and wasps suck too.

Photo credit: hillarymonahan.com

Photo credit: hillarymonahan.com

4.  People who don’t control their children or pets.

You’re in a nice seafood restaurant with your spouse.  Having the good sense to leave your children at home, you ask for a “quiet” table and get seated with other young families who lacked such sense and had their demon seed with them.  You, being parents yourselves, try to be patient and understanding but the annoyance and eventually anger that you stuff deep down inside, finally erupts and you yell at the family beside you to “Shut that fucking kid up!”  Next time,  keep the little bastards at home.

And when it comes to animals, don’t you love walking into someone’s house, just to have their big slobber-hound make a beeline for your crotch.  Even worse when the owners just laugh it off and don’t pull Sniffy McSnifferson off of your genitals.  Note to self:  Bring my pet tarantula on my next visit.

Photo credit: juiceboxdotcom.com

Photo credit: juiceboxdotcom.com

And last but not least…

5.  Rude People.  They interrupt you when you’re talking, they cut you off in traffic and then drive slower than the speed limit,  talk on their cell phones via blue tooth and for about 30 seconds you think they’re talking to you and you answer them…like an idiot.  They wait at the back of the line at the supermarket and then dash for the first cash that opens up.  You hold the door open for them and they don’t even make eye contact with you, nevermind actually saying “Thank You. ”   They remind me constantly why I like animals more than people.

What is your biggest pet peeve?


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23 thoughts on “30-Day Challenge: Day 7

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  5. Excellent list of pet peeves Wendy. I went out to dinner with friends this evening and there was a toddler airing her lungs at full volume. But what was almost as bad were the kids at the place where we went to dessert afterward. One kid about five wanted water from a cooler, but she could not do it herself and her mother just ignored her. So I poured the kid her water. Then, the mother steps up takes over, but stops. The kid pulls away her cup and the water is now spilling all over the floor. The mother looked at what was happening vacantly. Yes, I stopped the leak. Next, this kid and her brother start opening and slamming a door. Again, the parents do nothing. My visiting friends, who were with their super-behaved children (ages 10 and 12) were gracious about this, but I wanted to strangle those parents that must give the impression that New York parents are jerks.

    Sorry to get so carried away! Congratulations on scoring the promotion!

  6. #1 – poorly supervised / badly behaved children in public forums. Like you I have a very low tolerance. In restuarants, airplanes, hotels simply anywhere. If you are unable to control them why oh why did you have them and why did you bring them out with you, really.

    Congrats on you promotion!!

    • I totally agree. I barely had patience for my own kids, I definitely don’t have them for strangers’ broods.

      Always glad to see you and hear your thoughts Val. :-) xo

  7. Bad drivers for sure. They’ve started giving me slight road rage recently. Grrr those drivers!
    Congratulations on the promotion!

  8. Congratulation on your promotion, Wendy! I’ve very happy for you!
    Your not alone with those pet peeves, Wendy. I guess I have them too.

    Thank you for your recent heartfelt comment the other day…you are so good to me.

    Have a great day, and remember to use a little deet before you go for a walk. :) xo

    • Hi Deb. It is easy to be good to you because you are a good person. Sorry if I’m missing some of your posts. I’ve been busy with my new job. Great to see you. :-) xo

  9. Now that you have the supervisor role does this mean that you get a longer cane? :) Well you have to smack those shop floor boys into shape sometimes and a good whack on the ass will show them that you mean business, actually unless you know them well enough, do refrain from the cane method or you might encounter one of those fetish mornings, early mornings should I say but then again you will probably enjoy it ;) lmao

    It’s a good job that you know me well enough, or you might have thought that I meant all that :) Actually I did ;) Have a saucy rest of Thursday Wendy and keep those boys happy, I know that supervising can have it’s thrills, I mean its benefits : *whack*

    Andro xxxx

  10. Binky

    Congratulations on being promoted to Supervisor! I hope that doesn’t mean you’re going to start telling us what to do.

    Oh, and animals are better than people. It’s just the way things are.

  11. Oh, I can’t argue with any of these! We recently went to a nice restaurant. A family brought a basket of toys along to entertain their three young children. Great idea, I thought at first. Until the kids started pulling out drums, and toy saxophones, and keyboards. I kid you not. We listened to blowing, banging, and clanking while we ate. I’m thinking books and puzzles would have been a better choice!

    Congrats on the supervisor position!

    • Thank you Carebear and it’s always great to see you. And that’s exactly what I mean. Their parents seem to be blind and deaf to their disturbances also. I never took my kids to restaurants other than McDonalds when they were little. At least there, it’s almost expected. :-) xo

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