2nd Sat Sun Tails Flash Fiction (150 words) Competition Entry

Go here for complete rules.

Word prompt: with ear splitting indifference

Photo prompt:

The search party worked through the night, their flashlights attempting to uncover nocturnal secrets.  The girl had been missing for two days now and hope was quickly dissipating.  After splitting up into groups of two, they ventured deeper into the woods.

Rustling in the bushes about 30 yards away, grabbed the attention of Greg and Brian.  They crouched down behind some shrubs and shone their lights in the direction of the noise.

The creature stood up on its hind legs, yellow teeth protruded from its blood stained lips. Just as the men looked at each other in disbelief, the wolf creature dropped his head back and opened its mouth, and with ear splitting indifference, howled into the cold, dark night.  They dropped their flash lights to cover their ears until the assault subsided.

They ran, as fast as their legs could carry them and as far away from the creature as possible.

152 words.  @wendyreid2

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